Stress is one of the most annoying things that can literally kill your mood along with all that’s great about life. Therefore, stress management is an essential art to master, especially for the ones who can’t keep their anxiety levels down. The Free Stress Management Presentation Templates for PowerPoint are meant for presenters looking to make stress management presentations.

Free Stress Management Presentation Template for PowerPoint

This free presentation template for PowerPoint provides a slide background with three candles, marked as stress, fatigue and failure. This template has a relaxing outlook with its candle themed layout, which can help you not only present stress management presentations but also enable you to leave a calming effect on your audience.

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Free Relaxation PowerPoint Template

If you’re making a presentation about stress, it might be best to depict a background that can have a soothing effect on your audience. This template gives a background of the sea and the clear blue skies, which can help create an atmosphere where you are able to leave a relaxing effect on your audience, as you provide them with tips for better stress management.

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Free Relaxing Chair PowerPoint Template

Cats and relaxing chairs are two of the best stress relievers. This free stress management presentation template provides both in a single slide deck. The template has been designed with subtle, relaxing colors, amidst the image of a cat resting on a relaxing chair.

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Free Anger Management PowerPoint Template

Anger and stress are often related. This template can be perfect for discussing both in a single slide deck, with a motivational background that is meant to provide a subliminal message of eliminating anger by setting targets that can help you better manage your triggers.

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Free Water PowerPoint Template

One of the most relaxing images are the ones depicting water. This water themed PowerPoint template provides a relaxing background with the image of clear blue water that can be ideal for leaving a calming effect on your audience, with the visual aid of relaxing imagery.

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