Adding quotations to your presentation can lend more authority and authenticity to your message or information. You can use quotes from experts, researchers, famous celebrities, historical figures, or even fictional characters from books or television. This is great for emphasizing your main idea or to send a memorable message to your audience.


This Free Quotation PowerPoint Template is a great template that uses dramatic elements to display your important and powerful quotes in your presentations. This template is beautiful and very compelling as it not only uses a spectacular image but also uses text effects that will pique the interest of your audience. This template is only a single slide¬†but it’s enough to drive your point home to your audience in one significant quote. Best of all, it’s also free.

With a beautifully taken image of a lake and the mountains beyond, this quotation template for PowerPoint evokes truth and inspiration. The text is expertly sized and designed to make it appear like it’s floating on the lake in the picture. It is elegant without being over-the-top, and you can absolutely use this in all kinds of presentations.


You can just click on the sample text and type in your own quotation. You can resize the font to make it as big or as small as you need, keeping in mind to keep a good balance between the text and the space around it.

Even better, you can duplicate the template and add different background images and different quotations to spread across your presentation. This is an excellent way to transition between topics, or give your audience a breather.


If you want to change the background of this quotation template, you can do so by formatting it under the Design menu and inserting your own image. You can also use images from your own computer to change the background.

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