Meetings, for some people, tend to be a “time sink” or counterproductive. The top reason why people think this is so is because of poorly planned meetings: there may be too many people in the meeting, the wrong people in the meeting, or the agenda may be too disorganized. 

Detailed Meeting Minutes and Agenda

A good, reliable meeting agenda template can help you plan for a meeting and also ensure that it runs smoothly and on time. The Free Meeting Agenda Template for Excel can help you plan and conduct a well-timed meeting to make the most use of your attendants’ time and in ensuring that the agenda is adequately covered. Like other free templates at, this template too comes with a few very handy features such as the option to calculate the time allocated for each agenda for a meeting.

Allocate and Automatically Calculate Time

The Free Meeting Agenda Template for Excel works best with newer versions of Excel like Excel 2013 but is still also compatible with older versions. This meeting agenda template can be used for official business meetings as it provides you with a well-designed format that you can use each time for proper documentation.

Easily Create Filters

The meeting agenda template, like many free Excel templates, makes the job easier for you, with built-in formula and well-defined rows to organize your meeting agenda.

It contains your Company Name, and underneath, the Meeting Agenda, which can be renamed for any meeting title, or even presentation, that you may have. Further underneath is the Date of the meeting, as well as the location.

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