For companies that deal with customers, clients, or other business, there should be a record and proof of transaction. Recording transactions are important for business record-keeping and in the generation of reports, as well as in ensuring the integrity of each transaction. This is why many companies have Invoice.


An Invoice is one of the standard business documents that the seller issues to a buyer in order to provide details of the good or service the seller has provided to the buyer. The Free Invoice Template for Microsoft Word is a proforma invoice template for Word that your company can use and issue to your customers.

This Word template document can be edited to fill in your company’s logo and other basic details such as Invoice Date, Due Date, Client Purchase Order, My Reference, Client Details and My (Company) Details. This standard and simple invoice template for Word also contains a table which contains your billing information. This table contains your order, which can be a good or service, Quantity, Description, Unit Price, Total, Subtotal, Tax, and Total Due.


This free invoice template also contains payment information such as Send Payment To and Payment Instructions. This gives detailed instructions on where to address payment, and if there is a specific payment method, account number and bank information. You can also put Notes in the Invoice for any more instructions or other details.

This Free Invoice Template can be filled out in the computer and printed on a letter-sized envelope, in a portrait format. This Invoice can also be printed out into multiple copies and filled out by hand.


This is just one of the many free Office templates that you can use for your own business.

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