Football game-day is one of those fun and exciting get-togethers that football fans always look forward to. This is why you may even hold a football party or a party to celebrate and watch football together with friends and family. If you want to hold a big or small football party, you have to be prepared, and part of the preparation is the football party flyer.


The Free Football Party Flyer Template for Word is a free template specially designed for any football party. It is designed to entice your potential guests as well as announce the details of your unique football party. Its unique and clean design even makes it great for sports bars and clubs that also want to host viewing parties for football games.

Whether or not you’re a simple football fan or a sports bar owner, you will find yourself benefiting a lot from this football party flyer template. It features a very fitting and beautifully taken image of a referee about to make a call as he holds his whistle. The referee is wearing the unmistakable football stripes, which stands out over the green background that represents the football field.


The text is simple and minimalist so that it can still be clearly seen against the background. There is a big title in the middle that says “football party” and above this is a subtitle or an introductory text section. Below the title are the details of the party, which includes the date, time, and location. You can also add some more details below this, in finer print.

Best thing about this Word template is if you are a company, you can include your company logo on the flyer, as there is adequate space for this throughout the flyer. You can even add logos from sponsors as well.


You can keep this template handy with you anytime using OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

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