If there’s one event that can bring the immediate and extended families together, it’s a family reunion. It is that event that celebrates your family and heritage, and it is often one big, if not rare, occasion. Such events deserve to be preserved and remembered by everyone.


To help you keep unforgettable family memories, the Free Family Album Template for PowerPoint can help you out. If you’re organizing a family reunion, or any other family-related event, for that matter, this template is perfect for you. You can use this to create slide shows in the venue during family reunions so you can showcase the various members of your family, big or small. You can also use this as a souvenir or a token for everyone who attended, as you can easily send your completed family photo album via email or even social media.

This Free Family Album Template for PowerPoint is great because it is especially created for family reunions. Various aspects of the presentation template are already designed to suit family reunions. It has a wholesome theme of picnic, as you can see on the grass and picnic blanket at the bottom of the slides, subtly framing your slide contents. There are also ant images on the slides, which can easily symbolize family and unity. The background is a gradient blue, which is pleasant and easy on the eyes, and there is also an image of the sun on top of each slide.


The text placeholders allow you to write captions and descriptions for your photos, as well as the name of your family in the title slide. The inside slides, meanwhile, have various slide layouts that allow you to create fun and varied ways of displaying your family pictures in order to complete the album.


If 5 slides is not enough, as it most usually will not, you can, of course, duplicate the slides or create your own layout using a blank slide. Either way, you can ensure that your family album will always look great and cohesive.

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