Collecting survey data at the workplace can be quite a hassle, as one might require manually printing and distributing forms and then reorganizing the data electronically. Using an electronically generated survey worksheet can make data collection and trend calculations a lot easier. Moreover, you can also easily distribute the survey form, without wasting loads of paper sheets.

Workplace Survey Form Template for Excel

The Workplace Survey Form Template for Excel is meant to help you collect survey data electronically, using a simple customizable Excel worksheet. The template offers a sample survey to help you get started. You can edit this sample survey to create your own and distribute the worksheet to collect survey data.

Workplace survey template for Excel

Instructions for Customizing Sample Survey Form Sheet

The template provides two separate tabs, one with a sample survey form and the other with detailed instructions for customizing the given content to create your own professional looking workplace survey.

Survey customization instructions

Create Online Surveys and Share them with Intended Recipients

As this free Excel template is available via Excel Online, you can easily distribute the survey form via direct link or download an offline version. When you create a survey using Excel Online, the questions are automatically included to the table in your workbook, saving it to your OneDrive account. This makes it easy to compile results for assessing trends.

Calculate survey trends

As is the case with Office Online templates, you will require a Microsoft account to login and use this free Excel template.

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