If you are on a new diet or you need to cut down on your sugar level for health or nutrition reasons, then you know that you need to keep close track of your sugar intake. There are many ways to track it but you know, there is a way to automate it and always make your sugar intake chart regularly updated and looking beautiful at the same time. 

Automatically Calculate Sugar Calories

The Free Excel Template for Calculating Sugar Intake is a health themed template that allows you to enter how much sugar in grams you have eaten. Whether you have consumed a bottle of cola, eaten a slice of cake, or even had pasta, there is sugar in all these foods and in so many dishes that you can easily calculate how much sugar you have eaten just by using this sugar intake calculator.

Keep Track of Your Sugar Intake for Health and Nutrition Purposes

The template is in Excel and here, there is a black background that makes the whole calculator look clean and modern. Here, you can calculate how much sugar in grams per serving you have taken in, these amounts are then translated into amounts of sugar packets (or teaspoons). 9.4 servings of this will be approximately equal to 1 pound of sugar.

Professionally Designed to Present Your Information in a Visual Manner

View Visual Representations of Sugar Intake

Through the template’s built-in formula and features, you can see the number of sugar packets presented in a visual manner. The visual representation is in the form of sugar packets so you can easily imagine how much sugar packets you have eaten when you drink a glass of soda, or eat a bite of donut, for example.

Calculate Sugar Intake And Visualize it Using This Template

The way that this template is created also allows you to use this template for posters, brochures, presentations, and other infographics or marketing material.

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