Stomatology is a branch of medical science related to diseases, structure and the functions of the mouth. Since it can be hard to find templates related to stomatology, we have made a list of Free Dental PowerPoint Templates, which are all about stomatology, dentists, and dental health.

Free Stomatology PowerPoint Template

This free presentation template depicts a dentist, with four sample layouts that can help you make presentations related to dental health and hygiene. The sample slides are quite generic and easily editable so that presenters can make use of them according to their specific needs.

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Free Dental Equipment PowerPoint Template

This template depicts dental equipment, which makes it perfect for making presentations related to stomatology, dental health and hygiene. The dental equipment is depicted as the background of each slide, with a brown overlay shade which makes the added text easily legible, while retaining the attractive backdrop.

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free dental equipment powerpoint template

Free Dental Instruments PowerPoint Template

This is one of the most perfect dental PowerPoint templates, as it depicts dental instruments, making the slide deck useful for dentistry related presentations. The content slides depict the instruments at the bottom right corner, unlike the title slide which shows a larger illustration of the dental instruments set.

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free dental instruments powerpoint template

Free Tooth PowerPoint Template

This free template provides slides with the illustration of a tooth. The tooth illustration comes with a spiral depicted around it, which is symbolic for protection. Hence, the illustration presents the protection of the tooth.

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free tooth powerpoint template

Free No Smoking PPT Template

One of the biggest cause of mouth related diseases is smoking. The Free No Smoking PowerPoint Template can therefore be a good template for making presentations related to oral hygiene. The slide deck comes with an illustration of an x-ray depicting a man smoking.

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free no smoking powerpoint template