If you’re a company involved in selling goods or services to customers, then perhaps there will be times when you have issued a credit and debit memo. A credit and debit memo is a financial document that you issue to a customer to tell them that they owe something to you or vice versa. A credit and debit memo is used whenever either party has a dispute, or if a customer has not paid the amount indicated in the invoice.


While you may have been issuing invoices or informing customers verbally of what they owe or what you owe to them, it is still important to have an official documentation of such things. The Free Credit & Debit Memo Template for Excel is a useful template to help you be current with your credit and debit. It also helps you in formally letting your customers know what you owe them or what they owe you.

While you don’t have to have a business major or accounting expertise to issue this credit & debit memo, you would need to have a little experience in Excel. However, if you’re still a beginner, the template can also guide you through the process as you create your Credit & Debit memo for your own company.


This free template is convenient as it explicitly and clearly shows whether the document you’re issuing is a debit or credit, and what the customer needs to pay on the invoice. Furthermore, the template makes it all look professional, which is fitting for companies, big or small.

The template is also highly versatile as you can customize it to match your company or organization’s brand. You can add your logo, as well as use your company colors to further personalize the template.

Easy to use and highly functional, this template has a single worksheet tab that is printer-ready after you update it with your own data. To update, just follow the sample text provided in the template.


You can also easily change the details through different customers and scenarios, making this an easy template to work with.

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