If you are a company, organization, school, or simply an expert that conducts training courses about any topic or skill, you may often find yourself looking for a way to create course-completion certificates that look formal, credible, and exceptional. These completion certificates are important because it is proof of what your students have learned, and they can also use them to bulk up their portfolio and credentials.


TheĀ Free Course Completion Certificate PowerPoint Template is a beautifully designed template that you can use for all your courses or classes. This template is free to download and use, so you can give it out to many students after every successfully completed course or program you conduct. This certificate is important for attendees because they need to present this as proof of their own credentials and qualifications. Some even post these certificates on the walls of their homes and offices, so you have to be ensure that your own course completion certificate looks impressive.

This course completion certificate template allows you to create certificates for any course, topic, or industry because it is very versatile. You can easily customize the style and format to fit your preferences. You can also easily change the details and names in the certificate. And then, you can just hit Print to produce your certificates as it is print-ready as well.


The template is in PowerPoint and it contains various placeholders to guide you as you complete your own information in the certificate. For multiple certificate recipients, you can just edit the name portion each time you print.

You can also change the background of the slide template to suit your preferences or brand identity. There are many background options already available for you in the Design tab of the Ribbon. Whatever you decide on, you can always be sure that your certificate looks great.


You can keep this certificate template in the cloud so you can access it from there anytime you need a quick course completion certificate wherever you go.

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