When you find it hard to get up in the morning to go to a tiring, nerve wrecking job, there is something you can always rely on; coffee. The Free Coffee PowerPoint Template brings all the joy of the most amazing morning beverage in the world.

Everything Coffee

The title slide shows coffee beans in the backdrop, with space for introducing your presentation title in style. Coffee style! The title slide is followed by some generic slides that can help you further elaborate upon your presentation topic. Other than presentations, you can even use this template for designing printable menus.

The second and third slide comes with sample lists, followed by a standard comparison layout. You can also add charts, tables and clipart to further redesign the sample slides. For additional layouts, you can go to the Layouts menu in PowerPoint. Needless to say, you can duplicate and add new slides to extend your slide deck beyond the four sample slides.

Unobtrusive Placeholders

All sample slides come with the coffee beans image placed at the top or side of the slide. Furthermore, the space for adding your content is quite elegantly added to the slide design. The blur, brownish background makes it easy to add text and images that complement the coffee beans image. In these slides, the main body text is by default in white color, whereas the title text is in orange color.

This template has been perfectly designed with coffee bean images, a well-matched color tone, and minimalist slide designs that you can easily edit and customize to match the needs of your specific presentation topic.

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