An eye-catching presentation that effectively imparts memorable information to its audience should “show” more rather than “talk” more. This means a presentation must be highly visual, with more text and less words, while still allowing the presenter to be the one to elaborate on each topic and connect with the audience.


The Free Caption PowerPoint Template is your perfect companion for telling a story, conveying ideas, or enumerating processes using captioned images in a slide. This Free Caption template allows you to create stunning presentations anytime.

Single, Powerful Slide

This PowerPoint template features a single slide template that you can easily insert into any existing presentation or you can also build a complete presentation from the single slide template. This slide template is perfect for business, organization, school, or personal use because of its versatility and easy customization options.

The single slide template contains three multi-colored, monochromatic boxes that have a subtle beveled effect. The two of the three boxes have images that you can replace with your own. Just right click on the image and click on Change Picture to choose the photo you need from your own computer or mobile device. Meanwhile, there are text labels under each image, which allow you to put descriptive captions. The last gray box on the template can also be a caption or statement, or you can also insert an image to it.


Create Compelling Slideshows Anytime

This template is perfect for portraying or visualizing for your audience similar ideas or processes. You can even duplicate the slide template to add more caption images.

You can make this your reliable go-to slide template whenever you need to present images and incorporate them into your presentations.


You can also upload your presentation to the cloud by saving it to your OneDrive. This makes it easy for you to create stunning presentations to present to an actual audience or to create webinars or send presentations via email or instant messaging.

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