Writing a proposal from scratch on your own may take hours. The Office portal offers many business templates, that makes it easy for you to create many business documents, from sales reports to business plans and many more. One of the free templates is the Free Services Proposal Template for Microsoft Word.

Create a Well-Written Proposal Template

The Free Services Proposal Template is a professionally and comprehensively written template that lets you write detailed and convincing proposals for independent contractors. This six-page business proposal template lets you present your unique and detailed selling proposition, as well as your extensive knowledge of the client and the service that you will provide that client.

Cover All the Details of Your Proposal

This template contains an overview, which is the summary of the entire proposal. This also contains the reason for the proposal and the objectives tying up with your client’s needs. The body of the template contains the proposal itself, and how you can address your client’s needs. The template also allows you to include any past work related to the work you want to serve to your client, as well as the results and successes it brought.

The template also allows you to define your proposed project deliverables in an organized table format. You can also add an execution timeline that you can list in a built-in table. There is also a pricing table where you can list the costings and amounts, with the sum automatically computed for your convenience. The template also contains execution plans, pricing, qualification and conclusions.

Easily Fill Out All the Needed Information

The template is easy to complete because it provides easy to understand instructions, and you can just fill in information as you go along. The template generally acts as a guide to help you organize your thoughts and ideas and present them in a cohesive manner.

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