A business proposal needs to be detailed and well-written document in order to be convincing to potential clients and stakeholders. A handy business proposal template can be found in the Microsoft portal, which can help you present all the components that you need. This free Business Proposal Template can be used for your startup or expansion. This business template for Word can help you share your business ideas with your colleagues and investors.


This proposal letter is ideal for startups and small to medium-sized businesses or organizations. Like other free templates for Word, this template also comes with a well crafted layout that can help you make it a stencil for your projects. The template contains a comprehensive outline of the main points that you need to discuss in your proposal. It allows you to organize your ideas and present them in a thoughtful and professional manner.


This 5-page business proposal letter template contains the parts of a standard business letter like the inside address, salutation and opening remarks. It also contains information such as Objective, Scope of Services, Your Responsibilities, Benefits, Software Costs and Professional Fees, Closing, Response, Costing, and Implementation Tables.

You can easily compose your own business proposal letter following this comprehensive outline. Just fill out the needed information and customize the parts according to your own business and ideas. The headers come with the template but are completely editable so you can modify them for your own proposal.

It also comes with costing and implementation tables that are already formatted and designed to look sleek and professional. You can also modify these to suit your own personal business proposal.


Aside from these, the business proposal template already has a header which contains the recipient name, date and page number. You can input this information once and see it populate in the rest of the pages. This free template is compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 but also works with newer versions like Word 2013.

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