If you are one who is health conscious, wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, or needing to keep track of your blood pressure for medical reasons, then you would need a tracker that will easily help you keep yourself updated. 

Microsoft Excel can help you automatically generate visual charts to help you see trends when it comes to your blood pressure levels on a daily basis. The Free Blood Pressure Tracker Template for Excel is specially designed for tracking blood pressure so you can monitor it for yourself or a family member, or show it at your next visit to your physician.

Blood Pressure Tracker Template for a Healthier Lifestyle

Track Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Levels

This health tracker contains two worksheets that each has specific functions. One worksheet, the Blood Pressure Data, is used for typing in daily blood pressure measurements. This worksheet has a table with column headers such as Date, Time, Systolic, Diastolic, Heart Rate and Comment. This worksheet also has a header for the patient’s Name, Target Blood Pressure: Systolic and diastolic blood pressure. There are also markers for calling the physician if the levels of systolic and diastolic BP is above a set level. The physician’s number is also indicated in case of emergency situations.

Easily Update Your Blood Pressure to Monitor Your Health

View Trends Based on Data Over a Period of Time

The second worksheet is the Blood Pressure Chart tab where the information from the Blood Pressure Table is automatically generated into a chart so you can see at first glance the trends of your blood pressure over a certain period of time. From here you can easily see if you are maintaining a healthy BP or not.

Chart for Tracking Blood Pressure Over Time

This template can be used at home or even by medical practitioners, such as nutritionists, cardiologists and general physicians.

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