If there’s one thing that will make your PowerPoint presentations truly come alive, it’s animations. Animations give life to your presentation, making certain elements stand out and drawing the interest of your audience slide after slide. However, it’s easy to get wrong. By choosing the right animations to use, you can create maximum impact. However, this can be time-consuming. This said, you would need templates to help you create powerful animations in half the time.


The Free Animated Picture Fade Effect Template for PowerPoint is a beautiful and compelling template that would add drama and charm to your every presentation. This template, despite its professional look, is free to download and use for as many times as you need. It also has plenty of features that make it easily customizable to suit your every topic or theme.

The template contains a single slide that is packed with subtle animations that flow smoothly into each other. Looking at the Animation Pane, you can see just how many animations are there and how well-timed they are. The animation starts with the image of the coast, with a rocky hill and a house and lighthouse on top of it. Beyond is the see, with waves splashing on the rocks, and a bird on the far left-hand side of the image. All this is set against a dark gray background.


With the animation, your eye is quickly drawn towards the fading in motion of the transparent shape overlay from the bottom as well as the shape outline flying in. They frame the part of the image with the lighthouse, which now gains some color saturation to stand out against the rest of the elements in the slide. All this is smoothly followed by the text description or caption placeholder just below.


This PowerPoint template is great for presentation titles or for closing your presentation. You can also use this for transition, and basically for whatever part of your presentation where you want to highlight an image or an idea.

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