Market segmentation helps businesses identify potential customers and to strategize to target the specific segment(s) most relevant for a specific product or service. Free 3D Market Segmentation PowerPoint Template comes with 3D illustrations for making market segmentation related presentations.

3D Market Segment Illustrations

There are two slides with illustrations of people standing on a pie chart, divided in different market segments. You can use these sample slides for designing your presentation and talking about market segmentation. You can duplicate slides for making a complete presentation out of this template or simply use the diagrams and sample slides individually in a slide deck you might be working on.

Present a Market Segment with Relevant Information

The slides are flexible enough to be edited with ease. You can copy the main illustration or move it around to match your needs. You can even resize the image located in the middle of the slide to design your content.

The first illustration comes with a bullet list with the sample illustration, whereas the second slide simply provides a placeholder for adding text beneath the main illustration. You can also mash up the given design by adding your own clipart, images, diagrams and SmartArt to the sample content given in the sample slides.

This free PowerPoint template can be downloaded from the below link. The template works with all PowerPoint versions that support PPTX files, including PowerPoint 2007 and all later versions. SlideHunter also provides thousands of other business related presentation templates with editable diagrams and illustrations.

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