The food service and food preparation and manufacturing industries conduct conferences, exhibits and expositions to culminate the newest technology, innovation, research, ingredients, best practices and methods. Here and also in the business setting, restaurateurs, industry entrepreneurs, foodies and enthusiasts also create presentations. With this in mind, this PowerPoint template is a useful and attractive template for anyone involved in the delicious food world. 

Beautiful Fresh Vegetable Template

Food, Nutrition and Diet Themed Template for People Engaged in the Food Industry

The Food Presentation Template for PowerPoint is a wonderful template that can be used for presentations and demonstrations involving food. It is expertly and specially designed for the food industry and works best for PowerPoint 2013, with compatibility with earlier versions.

The template is simple, with clean layout and colors that are derived from the colors of fruits and vegetables. The slide background is set in white, with green, yellow and orange theme colors. The layout is minimalist and neat so you can bring out the beauty of your food in your presentation.

Clean, Seamless, Minimalist Layouts and Designs

Diverse Slide Layouts for Making Professional Presentations

This Food Presentation Template contains 11 slides, each with different slide layouts for you to use to present your data in different, interesting ways. The first slide is a title of cover slide that contains a photo of fresh, colorful vegetables. The rest of the slide contains layouts that allow you to display text, images, and visual information like charts and SmartArt.

You can use the sample charts, tables and SmartArt to display your own data. They are designed to blend in with the theme of your template. You can still customize them by changing their theme, style, designs and colors to suit your own company or preferences.

Food, Nutrition and Diet Themed Template for Food Industry

You can use this template to showcase your recipes, nutritional information, cooking processes, dietary information, food costs and many other data. This template can be used for presentations on menu, nutrition, diet, farming, vegetable gardening, diet, vegetarian lifestyle and cooking, restaurants, organic cooking,  and many more.

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