How would you feel if you found out you’re related to one famous person from history? How would you like to know where your family came from? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know your ancestry? You can only know this by tracing your family history or using a family tree. While this is a lot of work as you have to ask your relatives about your lineage, the result leaves you feeling fulfilled and proud about your family.


The Family Tree Maker PowerPoint Template is a beautiful template that you can proudly use for your family reunions and other occasions where you want to show your awesome family tree. This template is free, and can be easily downloaded to use for your PowerPoint app.

This template has a horizontal hierarchy design that allows you to clearly and neatly visualize the members of your family and your lineage through the years. This allows you to create a roadmap of your family and ancestors, which is great for you and your other family members to see where you really came from. It may surprise you to find that you could be related to someone well-known.


As a widescreen template, this family tree maker makes great use of the space to show a diagram that goes across the slide. The family tree has different rectangles for each member of the family, and these are connected by neat lines to show relationships.

While the template has its own color scheme and background, you can still change this to match your preference. If you have an existing presentation and would just insert this, you can apply your theme to this template. You can also build an entirely new presentation around this slide template, if you like its look already.


You can also use the Design features of this template to customize the family tree, such as change the shapes and colors in the diagram.

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