Small to medium sized businesses, as well as startups, require a number of employees to help them with day to day operations. Each employee has to perform a specific task and each have different job descriptions to prevent redundancy and make the most out of each of their skills. Through this all, it is important to also make the most of their employees by managing their attendance.

Beautifully Laid Out Template for Scheduling Employees

The Employee Shift Schedule Template for Excel is a scheduling tool specially created for companies who need to schedule their employees on a weekly basis. Usually these companies do not have dozens or hundreds of employees so they make the most of the manpower they have. They schedule their personnel on a weekly basis in accordance to the demands of the organization and its operations.

The Excel Template is specifically designed for scheduling employees for a span of seven days. This way, you will not be overwhelmed by the bulk of schedules you have to monitor. You can also better organize your staff this way.

Assign Each Task to Each Employee to Prevent Redundancy

This Employee Shift Schedule Template covers eight-hour shifts for 6 or more employees. If you have less than 6, you can also simply delete the excess rows. Either way, the template makes everything easy and convenient for you. For one, each day of the week is color-coded to help you assign and navigate through your schedule. If you want to create a schedule for another week, simply copy and paste or duplicate the tab template to create a new tab and customize it. Don’t forget to create labels for each week.

Even if you are a beginner or an advanced Excel user, or you just want to save time in creating professional and convenient scheduling too, this template is perfect for you. It comes with built in formatting and formula to allow you to easily input all the necessary information.

Record Hours Worked and Sick or Absences

Aside from scheduling, this template can be used to also monitor employee attendance as you can record if your employee reported late or is sick on a particular day. You can then easily make schedule adjustments and have other employees cover for the other.

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