Video games can be addictive. For some, video games can also be a profession. But whether or not you play video games for leisure, they sure are fun. Today, there are plenty of video games for every player, genre, and console. A video game aficionado would even have played games in every platform. So if you’re one of those and you want to keep track of your score and progress, you may find this next template very helpful to help you easily track video game stats in Excel.


The Video Game Stats in Excel template is an excellent tracker tool for every video game, whether you are playing by yourself, with a team, or against each other. It can be used by anyone playing video games, whether it is an adventure, RPG, MMORPG, mystery, puzzle, race, tower defence or simulation. This game tracker template is perfect for recording your achievements, progress, high scores, as well as other people’s performance and scores.

Keep Track of Your Progress and Compare with Friends

If you belong in a club or a team, you can also use this with other players so you can keep track of individual progress and compare your performance with each other.

This video game stats template in Excel contains formats and formula that allows you to record your statistics and compute them as you input your information. Some of the statistics you can record with this template include Game, Platform, Character Played, Level Achieved, Levels in Game, High Score, Achievements, the Percentage of Level Completed, as well as the Percentage of Game Completed. This data are classified in columns and there is a bar graph specially designed to visually reflect your progress.


What is great about this template as well is that it is designed to suit both male and female gamers of all ages and all game skill levels. It is simple, intuitive, and visually appealing as well.


Be in the Know on the Go

Another great feature of this template is that it can be accessed and updated anytime and anywhere. This means you only need to log on to your Microsoft account and then you have access to the template, which you can customize on your own or with your team. This way, even if you are on-the-go or far from your other game playmates, you can still keep each other updated.

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