If you think you have presentations down pat, think again. There’s always plenty of room for improvement, and since more presentations today have become interactive and dynamic, you have to reinvent your slideshows. There are many ways and techniques to make your PowerPoint presentations more dynamic, but they take up so much time from you, time which you could better use in creating better content for your slides.


Make Your Presentations Captivating

Duartes 5 Rules PowerPoint Template is not only a great template to use for all your presentations, it also contains valuable tips on how to improve your presentations. By following the five rules for creating great presentations, you can ensure that your slideshows will always be informative yet lively, something that your audience will always enjoy and look forward to.

This PowerPoint presentation template is free and is professionally designed, so your own presentations will always look stunning. There are sample text that can help guide you as you create your own presentation. These sample text are also extremely helpful as they convey tips and rules for making your presentations highly interesting and fun.

Built-in-animations-and-transitions for slide shows

Each of the slides are beautifully designed and are seamlessly connected with each other. The slide is filled with adequate animations and smooth transitions. It even has voice-overs that encourage you to also do the same with your own presentation just to drive your points home to your audience even more effectively.

Make Your Slides Interactive Every Time

Because the template is universal, it can be used as your go-to presentation for school projects, corporate reports, and even organizational talks. The template has various graphics that you yourself can use. Just follow the tips at the end of the presentation to replicate the effects used. You can build your own presentation from this or create an entirely new presentation on your own using Duarte’s Five Rules.


To always have this template with you whenever you need to, you can save this to your OneDrive account. This way, you can easily access, modify, and retrieve it by simply opening any browser in any mobile device or computer, and going to the Office Online portal.

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