Quick pitches, also called elevator pitches, are short speeches that you convey in just a matter of seconds to just a couple of minutes. This allows you to talk about your brand, product, services or company, within a span of an elevator ride, thus the name. 

The goal of an elevator speech is to generate enough interest from your audience that they will be wanting to know more. This often results in longer discussions, scheduled meetings, submission of a proposal, or even a shared contact information as soon as the elevator ride is over. In this article, we will show you how you can create your own quick sales speech in Word.

Create a Quick Speech for Any Occasion

Create Sales Pitches According to a Set Sequence

An elevator speech doesn’t necessarily just happen inside an elevator. There are plenty of opportunities to talk about your product, services, brand or company to other people in order to promote it, and even generate sales. This Quick Sales Speech Template will show you how to create this short but powerful sales tool used by many people in sales, as well as in general business practices.

You can open the Quick Sales Speech in Word Online by logging in your OneDrive account on any browser, using any mobile device or computer. This way, you can access it anytime and anywhere you find a reason to make a quick pitch.

Generate Interest with Just a Few Words

Speech Guidelines

Of course, the quick pitch or quick sales speech in the template can be customized. The template has sample text and placeholders to guide you as well as give you an idea of how what to say through examples. Simply type in your own product, service or company into the placeholders and start building your own sentences.

The template offers differently lengthened speeches that you can use for different occasions. There is the very brief 12-second speech, 30-second speech, and 3-minute speech. Each one provides information and excites interest at varying degrees and you can use one for different scenarios.

The key is to make it brief, and highly informative. Include the most information that you know your listeners or audience needs to hear so they will be highly interested.

Follow the Guides and Instruction to Complete Your Quick Speech

Be careful not to be too wordy and avoid being redundant and who knows–you may be able to generate a sale.

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