Thanksgiving has always been characterized by sumptuous feasts which can be credited to early times when harvests are celebrated around this season. With Thanksgiving, families and friends are gathered together on the table to feast on a spread of roasted turkey and so many other traditional Thanksgiving fare. However, this leaves plenty of leftovers that are just too impractical to throw away.

Invite Friends and Family for Another Round of Thanksgiving Fare

With Thanksgiving drawing near, you would want a way to abundantly celebrate the holiday yet not throw away leftover food the next day. In this article, we will show you how you can create a successful Thanksgiving Leftovers Party using a free invitation postcards template for Word, which is a template specially designed for inviting your guests to a second round of your Thanksgiving themed feast.

Save Money with Leftovers and With this Template

This Free Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Invitation Postcard template for Word is a charming, fun and straightforward invitation maker to make your guests come over to your house again to help you eat your Thanksgiving leftovers. This Word Template is compatible with Word 2000 and later versions and is printer-friendly for postcard-size papers with dimensions of 4″ x 6″ and Avery 5389, 5889, and 8386.

Printer-Friendly and Customizable Invitation Postcard

This free party invitation postcard template contains two postcards to be printed in one standard letter-sized paper. The postcard contains illustrated images of someone preparing turkey and some football gears, which are two of the most popular traditions and events of the season.

Make a Simple Event More Memorable

The postcard also invites guests to help the host eat Thanksgiving leftovers, which are usually prepared into some new dishes, while watching football. The invitation also contains details such as the place, contact details, date and time of the leftovers party.

Change the Photo Effect and Other Styles to Customize

You can easily customize these details by typing your own information in place of the sample text. You can even add your own event title to make your invitations more personalized. The sample text serves as a guide on how your invitation should look and you could easily delete them to type in your own information. Meanwhile, the pictures can also be customized by changing their styles and design to match your own theme or colors. You can even change the photos for your own.


This Word template is not available anymore, see the alternative template given below.

Go to Download Thanksgiving Invitation Template for Word (Alternative Template)