Being an active part of your community has its perks. First of all, you get to know everyone in your neighborhood and participate in events that you are also interested in. You can even organize your own event and be confident that you have the whole community to support you. These events may include fundraising, sports, or simply social activities that allow you to Excel in what you are great at, as well as have a wonderful way of being preoccupied. 

CreaAte Amazing and Memorable Community Events

Whether you are planning a big or small event for kids to teens and even for the elderly, you have to ensure that the event will go smoothly. You can use the Community Events Planner for Excel which is a free and downloadable template that you can use to make sure that your community events will be a success and also a memorable one.

Create a Closer Community Bond

This Community Events Planner for Excel is perfect if you want to start an event to raise awareness for your own or your community’s advocacies, raise funds, welcome a neighborhood hero, award a great deed done by an organization or individual, hold a meeting, or simply have an afternoon pastime for kids. This template is perfect for planning an event that involves a huge number of guests or participants.

Always be Updated With Community Happenings

The template, although in spreadsheet form, is far from boring. It has a solid blue background and an elegant yet streamlined design. It features three spreadsheet tabs where you can list and view community events planned for each month.

Plan Amazing Events for Your Community

The first tab is the Events tab, where you can update your events list with important details such as Date, Day, Month and Event Name. These are then reflected in the next tab, which contains a beautifully designed monthly calendar. This calendar accurately and automatically reflects the data in the Events tab. It also has a toggle function that allows you to choose the month and year that you want to view if you are looking to look at your past or future events.

Print Community Calendar of Events as Flyers or Posters

The last tab is the Print Version, which shows a clear, printer-friendly version of your calendar. This has a white background although it still retains the same teal theme. This can be printed as a poster or in a piece of paper to be given as flyers or to be posted on the community bulletin board.

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