College can be costly. It’s a good thing that college students and their family can depend on various available resources to help pay for their education, whatever course they take. Aside from personal savings, students can get additional educational funding from scholarships and grants, as well as college loans.


If you are a student, parent or guardian looking for a way to support college education for you or your child, then you need to find out all the nitty-gritty financial details of your college load. The College Loan Calculation Template for Excel is your perfect companion for creating a complete and comprehensive calculator for your college loan.

This College Loan Calculation Template is in Excel, allowing you easy input and accurate calculations, which is very important in considering your college loan. If you’re preparing for college, such a template can help you see and prepare for the expenses that come with college education. It also allows you to see how much you need to earn and how long you can pay off your loan based on your salary when you start to work after college.


This template features a set of tables with built-in formula to help and guide you as you complete all the needed details in your calculator. The template has a header that says Estimated Annual Salary After Graduation, which is the goal you need to go for depending on the amount of your college loan and how long you want to pay it off. It could also be the other way around. Either way, the built-in formula in the cells can easily help you out. There is also the Date when you plan to pay back your loans, which can also be the day of your first salary or your employment.

There are also different sections for information such as current monthly payments, percentage of current monthly income, combined scheduled monthly payment, and percentage of scheduled monthly income. There is also a table for comprehensive loan information.


Aside from the ability to save this template to the cloud via OneDrive for easy access and mobility, the template itself has special features such as sparklines for visual representation of important college loan data.

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