Household chores can simply be described as exhausting and boring. It is mainly because of this reason that most members of any given family do not want to engage themselves in activities such as cooking, washing the dishes, taking out the trash etc. Children particularly the ones in their teenage simply don’t want to contribute when they are asked to help in household chores.

The challenge in most cases is to ensure that the work is divided among the family members in such a way that everyone knows his/her responsibility and nobody is overworked. However, make no mistake as work division is not as easy a task as it sounds particularly, when it has to be done at home. Nevertheless, the Chore Payment Schedule Template for Excel offers an extremely helpful solution in this regard. This is a free chore payment template available at and like many Microsoft Office Templates available at the Microsoft portal, it comes with a customizable layout that is easy to use.

chore payment schedule template for excel

Assign Values for Tracking Pending Chores

With the help of the Chore Payment Schedule Template you can assign values to chores that are to be completed. Thus, it is an extremely beneficial tool particularly for mothers and housemates who end up finishing most tasks at home alone.

With the help of The Chore Payment Schedule Template one can also assigns tasks or chores to family members with ease. It is only obvious that the template can play a central role in keeping family members informed regarding one another’s responsibilities. The template also allows for scheduling of tasks and helps in keeping a track of the everyday jobs that have been completed and the ones that are pending.

assign values to incomplete chores

Automatically Calculate Chore Payments and Include Deductions for Grounding Children

The tasks that require to be completed are located at the left-hand side of the spread sheet, with a corresponding amount on each side. The list of days is presented (horizontally) on the top of the table. Thus, the user can simply type the family member’s name under each day for a given task and then type the amount that has been reserved for the person concerned upon the completion of his/her duties.

Separate space has also been allocated to list unwanted behavior such as usage of foul language, poor performance at school, disrespectful attitude toward other family members etc. This list then helps in penalizing those who were responsible and thus, deductions can be made from the amount that one has earned by doing the chores.

deductions for bad behavior

The template also offers ‘Tips’ through which one is able to know what he/she should input in a given cell, row or column. For example, when the user enters a child’s name to allocate a responsibility, the chore amount is automatically calculated.

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