Distribution channels are important in helping you grow your business and increase your bottom line. Identifying your distribution channels will help you to more effectively market your product or service. These distribution channels may include dealer, retail, sales representatives, direct selling, online, distributor or wholesale, and many more.

Channel Distribution Marketing Plan for Businesses

The Channel Marketing Plan Maker Template for Excel is a worksheet specially designed for creating a marketing strategy to maximize business distribution channels. Using this channel marketing plan template will help you create professional and comprehensive plans to secure the most revenue-generating and most efficient channels of distribution. This will then guide you as you go about fulfilling your more general organizational goals.

This Channel Marketing Plan Maker Template is a free Excel template to help you determine the best route to take for your marketing activities. It allows you to quantify information to create thoughtful, sensible and rational decisions for your company. The template also helps give you your road map for your marketing deliverables, channel strategy, tasks and accountable personnel, cost, duration, and summaries of every phase of every project.

This spreadsheet is also designed to allow you, or other channel managers, to organize tasks and create detailed sub-tasks so you can easily filter through the information that you need to view or present.

Comprehensive Channel Marketing Plan with a Gantt Chart

Another feature of this template is the built-in Gantt Chart that will allow you to create a visual presentation of your project status as it progresses through time. This is a helpful component in marketing plans as well as in business plans to show exactly how certain objectives will be achieved through action plans and detailed tasks.

Unlike most free Office templates that give you a generic marketing plan template and therefore take time to customize, this template has a specific purpose that you can easily fill out with the right information and instantly generate reports and data.

Create a Detailed Channel Distribution Marketing and Management Plan

In this worksheet, the Planned Dates and Actual Dates for each of the project tasks in the marketing plan will show the costs and durations to allow you to create projections and create an overall reasonable and effective plan.

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