Excel 2016 has recently unveiled a set of new features that will make life easier and more convenient for users, especially those who are always on the go. Take for example this next Excel template, which is great not only for business but also for personal use as it tracks your transactions. Having this template with you can help ensure that you’re in tip-top shape financially.


Easily Create Beautiful Cash Flows

The Cash Flow Analysis Template for Excel is a template that you can use for managing and keeping track of your finances, whether for work, organization, or personal use. This template allows you to maximize the new features available in Excel 2016 while still enjoying backward compatibility with earlier versions.

Starting your own Cash Flow Analysis is easy. The template basically allows you to read through many resources and get tips. Also, you can just create new worksheets by clicking on New and looking for the My Cash flow tab, among the many other Excel tabs available. Open this template and click on the “Let’s get started” link in the “Start” worksheet tab.

Next is the My Cash flow workbook tab, which shows the cash flow analysis of your business, organization, or personal finances within a given time frame. This template also allows you to display year-on-year comparisons of your cash flow, so you can determine trends and compare your performances. This cash flow has a sample data table where you can input your own data, such as transaction type, date, category, and amount.


Cash Flow Analysis Charts for Reports

Once you have updated your own data, just go to the built-in cash flow chart and click on “Update now” so it displays your updated information. You can do this each time you update your data so your chart will always reflect your latest cash flow.


This template is great if you want to create financial reports in Word or presentations in PowerPoint. You can also upload it or store it to the cloud, so that you can share it with colleagues or keep them posted with your financial standing.

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