Creating business cards are usually done by companies to an outsourced supplier, which would take up a lot of time and not to mention money. Imagine how much your company can save if you can create and print your own business cards and update them anytime you want? Office Online offers many free templates for Office that can help small to large and even multinational companies make their work much more economical and convenient. 

Standard and Professional Business Card for any Industry

The Business Card Maker Template for Word Online is one business template that allows you to create up to 10 business cards in one standard, letter-sized page. Another remarkable feature of this template is that it is in Word Online, which allows you to access it from anywhere, as long as you have your computer or mobile device. Simply open a browser and go to the Office Online portal, login your OneDrive account and work on your business card from there. Being on the cloud also makes sharing and collaboration easy, so you can send the template to the rest of your colleagues or employees so that they can create their own business cards.

Professional, Customizable Template

To customize the business card for your own, simply change the text placeholders with the indicated information. The information for each business card includes Name, Email Address, Title or Designation, Company Address, Web Address or Website, Telephone Number, and Fax.

Easily Customizable Template for Your Own Style and Preference

Standard Business Card Maker for Any Industry

This template also has adequate space on top of the business card to indicate your company logo. Depending on your branding, you can also add a slogan. To even add a more personalized brand, you can change the colors and even add a background to the business cards. The template is designed to be professional looking, while providing many options for customizing it.

Simply Type in Your Details in the Given Placeholders

This template is perfect for all types of businesses ranging from banking to manufacturing, technology to fashion, recreation to textiles, and many more.

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