Governments and many other sectors of multiple industries commonly undergo a bidding process on certain projects and project phases in order to find the best suppliers for the jobsĀ at the best price. For this, many suppliers in these target industries engage in bidding, as requested by their clients, and they prepare proposals that will convince clients that they are the best choice for the project.


Often, suppliers, also called bidders, will engage in a bid for multiple contracts for multiple projects, and keeping track of these bids is important. The Bid Tracker Excel Template is the perfect tool for suppliers to keep track of the contracts they are bidding for. Doing so will allow them to be on top of their projects and to plan and execute them well.

Keep Your Bids Organized

The Bid Tracker Excel Template is a free template that your company can use so you can keep track of your bids and contracts, whether they are in the public or private sector. With this spreadsheet template, you can ensure that you are on top of your bids and are in the best shape to plan and perform them well. This template is very useful for all kinds of suppliers, whether they are startups or first-time bidders, as well as experienced ones.

This template is specially designed for bidders and features and easy to navigate format. It contains a table with sample content so you know what information you need to put in each row and column.


Be on Top of Your Bids and Projects

The table features a detailed listing of all essential information for your bids, such as a Bid Number, Item, Date of Bid, Amount, Deadline, and Days Left. All these are the important details you need to keep track of as you tackle bids and projects left and right. This also ensures that you maximize your time on each project and have no overlaps, which may cause you to not perform in your optimum level.


This template has a beautiful sparkline, which shows you in bars the visual amount of your contracts. This is very helpful so you know your high-ticket bids and your priorities, even by just glancing at the table.

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