Project management is no easy task and even more cumbersome is to collect and display your data in the form of presentation slides which should be both easy to understand and visually appealing enough to keep your audience interested.

Amazing Project Management Templates for PowerPoint

As presentation templates play a vital role in helping you organize your content, the right Project Management Template can mean the difference between an extension in a project by a client or losing out on an opportunity. Below is a collection of some amazing Project Management PowerPoint Templates that are bound to impress your audience with attractive imagery, as well as make it easy for you to organize and present important information regarding your project.

best project management templates for microsoft powerpoint

Creative Timeline PowerPoint Template

Making timelines is an important part of project management and making timelines interesting can help you score big time before a potential client. This 3D Timeline Template provides attractive sample slides for making your project timelines and depicting milestones.

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creative timeline template for powerpoint

Roadmap Timeline Template for PowerPoint

This is another beautiful template that can help you create project roadmaps with the help of attractive 3D slide designs. The sample slides provide different types of road themed presentation slides which can be quite helpful in creating slides about milestones, project plans and project roadmaps, with attention grabbing graphics.

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roadmap powerpoint template

Time Management PowerPoint Template

One of the essential aspects of a project is to make sure things get done in a timely manner. This time themed template for PowerPoint comes with attractive sample slides with clock clipart hat can help you create project timelines, display milestones and project plans, as well as create presentations with a world map by marking important locations on your slides.

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time management powerpoint template

Project Performance Assessment Template for PowerPoint

This is quite a useful template for making professional project assessments for your projects with the help of presentation slides that can be used for addressing goals and cost-benefit analysis.

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Project Performance Assessment Template for PowerPoint

Project Management Dashboard Templates for PowerPoint

Dashboards are not as widely used as they should be, especially when it comes to project management related presentations. A dashboard slide can help you add graphs, tables, text and images in a cohesive format which can not only allow you to add more data to a single slide but also to display it with a clean and easy to understand layout.

You can download various useful dashboard templates for PowerPoint from the link given below.

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dashboard template for powerpoint

Project Management Map Templates for PowerPoint

If you require a PowerPoint template which depicts a map of a specific continent, country or the world, then this collection of PowerPoint map Templates is just what you need. These templates are highly customizable and you can single out important areas from the given maps to highlight them. You can use these map templates to create project and sales plans and to mark important areas on your presentation slides.

All templates come with editable sub-maps, for example, the country templates provide sub-maps for provinces of the respective country and the continent maps allow extracting or customizing any country in the continent from within the main map.

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project management map templates

Note: The above mentioned templates are premium templates, which you can download by signing up for an account at SlideModel. You can also download this Free PowerPoint Bundle before subscribing to any paid plan.