Red, pink, blue, and purple. Berries add a splash of bright and vivid colors in any table or dish. You can also do the same in your presentations by adding a berry theme to it so that your audience will be more attentive to what you have to say.


The Berries PowerPoint Template is a bright and trendy berries-inspired PowerPoint template that you can use for all kinds of presentations. It is general-purpose and free to download. This means this template is perfect for work, school, or home use, whether you are making a slideshow about your next vacation or your business trip expense report.

This template is predominantly blue, allowing you to create a sense of serenity and professionalism at the same time because the theme is uniform throughout all the slides. The template features a blue ripple effect on the upper half of the Title slide, with a brighter blue gradient like a shiny berry. On the lower half is a lighter gradient effect in various shades of blue, and there are small blue dots in the middle of the slides, resembling berries.


There are also different layout options that you can choose from so you can present your data in different ways while also using tables, graphs, charts, images, and many more. It is all up to you how you want your own presentation to look like because you can rearrange the slides, add new ones, duplicate them, or delete those you don’t need. The important thing is to keep your presentation brief, concise, direct, and lively.


You can access this template on the cloud and then send them to your audience online or allow your team members or group mates access to the template if you are working on a project together. You can do this by uploading this template to OneDrive.

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